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2023 EU-Taiwan Circular Economy Forum - Textile and Plastics B2B Online Matchmaking

The impact of textiles and plastics on the environment is rapidly increasing, making it an urgent and critical challenge for humanity to develop sustainable, circular business models that enable the sustainable use of resources. ...

31 October 2023

2023 EU Investment Forum

The 2023 EU Investment Forum is set to take place on the afternoon of 12th October at the Taipei International Convention Center!This year's forum focuses on the theme of "Invest in the EU, Connect with the world" and ...

12 October 2023

2023 EU-Taiwan Investment Partnership Forum on Semiconductor Clusters

Chips are strategic assets for key industrial value chains. With the digital transformation, new markets for the chip industry are emerging, such as highly automated cars, the cloud, the Internet of ...

7 September 2023

2023 European Innovation Week

The European Innovation Week is a joint initiative of the European Commission in collaboration with Taiwan governmental agencies. It will feature a series of seminars, as well as...

29 May 2023~2 June 2023

2023 EU-Taiwan Seminar on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

The European Union officially announced the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) plan on 14 July 2021. CBAM will enter its transitional phase in October 2023. It will prevent ...

27 April 2023

2023 EU-Taiwan Seminar on Standard Essential Patents

With the booming development of communication technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the European Union seeks to create a fair and balanced licensing framework to ...

25 April 2023

2023 EU-Taiwan Investment Partnership Forum on EV Clusters

Taiwan's automotive electronics and EV industries have established themselves as trustworthy partners for the EU, supplying essential components to major...

13 April 2023

2022 EU-Taiwan Investment Partnership on ICT Industry Forum

The forum will gather European and Taiwanese investment experts with relevant industry representatives to share the most recent developments in the ICT industry. During each session of discussion, the experts will be available...

8 Nov. 2022

2022 EU Investment Forum

The world is changing in an unprecedented speed. The green transformation, disruptions in global supply chains, and electric vehicle development have become global focuses. Are you ready for them?

25 Oct. 2022

2022 EU-Taiwan Investment Partnership on EV Supply Chain Forum

2022 The European Union announced in June this year that it will stop the sale of new fuel vehicles from 2035, and all new vehicles must meet the goal of zero carbon emissions. By then, EU countries will only allow zero-carbon EVs on the road.

4 Oct. 2022

2022 EU-Taiwan-Japan-Korea Offshore Wind Seminar

2022 EU-Taiwan-Japan-Korea Offshore Wind Seminar will take place on 6 July.The event will discuss common challenges and opportunities for offshore wind projects in the three East Asian markets.

6 July 2022

EU-Taiwan Electric Vehicle Conference

EU-Taiwan Electric Vehicle Conference will take place on 21 June, 2022, at 11F, Evergreen International Convention Centre, by the organizers of the European Economic Trade Office(EETO), European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT), and MOTC, IDB/MOEA.

21 Jun 2022

2022 EU-Taiwan Seminar on Design Protection

Industrial design imbues creativity into a product’s appearance. Nowadays, we can observe the development of our civilization through products like iPhone, Nintendo Switch, the Windows operating system, and many others.

9 Mar 2022

2021 EU Investment Forum Roadshow

We’d organize 3 roadshows separately in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan as a follow-up event after the ”2021 EU Investment Forum” so you’ll get the chance to talk with the EU representatives face to face and get the first hand information.


2021 EU Investment Forum

【Invest in the EU. Advance Global Business】The “2021 EU Investment Forum” will take place on 14 October 2021 (Thursday). The event will focus on investment opportunities in Europe, in particular under the EU’s flagship programs on the Green Deal and Digital Europe.


2021 Forum on Tech Supply Chain Partnership

Global supply chains are changing. Countries and economies around the world strive for greater resilience and security of their tech supply chains. The COVID-19 pandemic has further magnified the challenges. At the Tech Supply Chain Partnership forum, experts from the academia, public and private sectors will offer their views on the challenges and opportunities for developing resilient and open tech supply chains amongst like-minded partners.

Postponed to 22 June

2021 EU-Taiwan Wind Power Seminar : Developing Supply Chains : Incentives and Policies towards Global Competitiveness

The 2021 EU-Taiwan Offshore Wind Power seminar will take place on 30 March at the GIS MoTC Convention Center. The event aims to strengthen the cooperation between the EU and Taiwan in the offshore wind power sector and to look for opportunities to build up competitive regional supply chains.


2020 EU-Taiwan Semianr on Protection of Internet Copyright

This seminar was held on 2 December, at the MOTC Convention Center. TIPO, the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO). Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) organized the event together as part of the European Business and Regulatory Cooperation (EBRC) Program.


EU Investment Forum 2020

More than 24 experts from Taiwan and the EU will discuss the European investment environment, laws and regulations, taxation aspects and the industrial policies of EU Member States in selected key sectors such as ICT, automotive and biotech/health. Moreover, Taiwanese companies which have already invested in the EU will share their experiences in operating and investing in the European market.


EU- TAIWAN Business Roundtable on Offshore Wind Energy

The roundtable offers a platform for Taiwanese authorities and EU enterprises to gather insights on the EU’s experiences and lessons learned on relevant policies and regulatory frameworks to promote renewable energy